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Day 2: Write A List

Today’s task is to write a list based on any of the following topics: Things I Like Things I’ve Learned Things I Wish Things You’re Good At I think that the most challenging task for anyone would be to highlight what they’re good at because we live in a society that constantly feeds off of […]

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Day 1: Water- Haiku

1. I bathe in you, yet you leave me so dry and dead and dehydrated 2. There is something in the nature of your beauty the drowns everything 3. I am encompassed by you, leave nothing untouched like water you flood Author’s notes: I’m sorry. I didn’t realise how depressing I was until I wrote […]

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Day 1: Why Do I Write?

I guess I started writing this blog due to the fact that it was a piece of assessment I needed to complete for my digital marketing course at university. It seemed a lot like a chore, wherein completing one post would give me a credit point next to my degree. Nowadays my blog is pretty […]

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Snapchat’s Potential: Revisited

In a past blog-post, I had written about Snapchat’s unexplored potential; I described how digital and content marketers, could really use the social media platform for their advertising campaigns and generate huge profits if they are seeking to target Millennials as their primary market. However, it wasn’t fully viable because there were many content restrictions […]

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