Day 1: Why Do I Write?

I guess I started writing this blog due to the fact that it was a piece of assessment I needed to complete for my digital marketing course at university. It seemed a lot like a chore, wherein completing one post would give me a credit point next to my degree. Nowadays my blog is pretty empty and struggling to find itself – which kind of extends to me personally; I am struggling to find myself.

There are a lot of blog posts I have deleted since revamping my blog but I find that although it felt like a chore when I was writing those digital marketing posts, I actually enjoyed writing. I write in my personal journals, I write lyrics, I write speeches and Facebook posts. So, writing these blog posts really ignited that passion I have always had in my heart to write.

But what am I going to write about now? My digital marketing class finished last year, so I am not obligated to post weekly anymore. I also took a shot at writing A (singular) movie review which I had a lot of fun doing but I don’t know whether this is the direction I want to take my blog.

I really would love to create this blog as a collection of all the topics and categories that I am interested in. My blog is called ‘Stay Woke’ because I want to inform my fellow Millenials and Gen Zs about a lot of things in life. I have had a whole year to leave this blog and come back to it again to write fresh new ideas, and I have those fresh new ideas, a fresh perspective of the world around me. Unfortunately, when I finally open up my laptop and stare at this blank blog post, I lose the words. I lose the sentences and the fire that I had five minutes prior to opening up my laptop.

What am I scared of? Judgement? I talk so much about owning yourself and your story, not caring what other’s think about you, but something as simple as writing a post like this is hard. So, today I write because of this prompt. It is a prompt I received from joining a WordPress blogging course where I try to find inspiration from everyday concepts. Tomorrow I will write because of another prompt or I will write poetry because I am also doing a course in poetry writing, or something completely different who knows.

I think the essential question, however, is how do I find that reason strong enough to force me to put my ideas on this blank canvas, and share with the world?

Why do you write Arny?


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