Conversations with Arny is small blog owned, curated and written by University student and aspiring Thought Leader, Arnhie San Juan.

Arnhie currently studies Marketing and Management at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and it is through her studies she found a passion for blogging. She has always wanted to know how to reach as many people as possible and share her insights on certain topics but has never known how to until she created Conversations with Arny. 

This blog is a collection of discussions about current marketing trends, consumer insights, digital innovations and management theories and practices; with a focus on its impact on Social Justice issues. Arnhie is a firm believer in using her marketing and management skills for good, and that real change can only happen when corporations start to value a Social Justice culture within the firm.

Marketing and Management can get a bad reputation for being professions that only aim to maximise profits. Contrarily, Arnhie wants to step outside of this box and start paving the way for future students to question current practices and encourage the conversation to be one about social impact, not just profit.

Explore her latest posts here.



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